Every project is subdivided into different phases using the "design thinking" process. The client would be involved in every single phase of the development what will results in a clear and efficient process flow. Staying the project in an appropriate and timely manner is a prerequisite for developing successful design outcomes.

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Designing is often referred to as problem solving. If you start solving the source, you need to be sure that you are working on the right problem. Finding and defining the real problem is a significant step towards a solution. 


  • Problem analysis

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Exploring the identity by decompose the brand of the organization. What is the vision, ambition, resources and capabilities of the company? A brand perspective on innovation makes it possible to determine which trends are relevant and which are not. 


  • Persona’s 

  • Identity Design

  • Trend analysis

Studio van Clau


Who is the focus group that directly influence the project process in terms of resources and decisions making? What are their interests and needs? Contextual information about product use and opinions about existing products will be gathered. 


  • Focus Group

  • Customer Journey

  • Storyboard

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The idea generation is a continuation on the design research. This process is represented on sketches, 2D visuals and prototypes. Visual communication is an important aspect during the process. By use of diverging and converging the concepts will be created created. The function structure of a new product concept can be analyzed and developing. 

  • Function analysis

  • Visual Design

  • Prototyping

  • Collage

  • List of requirements

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In this phase of the process different factors from an holistic point of view would be considered which validate the product in order to deliver human-centered solutions. A detailed final 3D model would be delivered. 

  • 3D modedeling

  • Cost Price analysis

  • Production analysis

Studio van Clau

A study would be made in what the intended users do in a specific situation. Observations enable to understand the interaction between humans but especially between human and a product. What will happen in ‘real life’? By empathizing towards the user, the user experience and product interaction can be optimized. 


  • Interviewing

  • Observation