Skills: brand & user research | concept sketching

           3D drawing | 3D rendering | 3D printing

software: solidworks | photoshop | keyshot

Year: 2016

A portion-cup that would reduce the waste of food for everyone who loves cooking. A complex technical solution is integrated in the dill of an existing IKEA food storage. By turning the ingredient box, an average portion falls into a separate little tray. Now the lid can be opened and the right portion pours into the pan or bowl. This product offers support for portioning and makes people aware of using food.


During the test process every new prototype has been tested by a lot of users. By this user research it was important to focus on the way of using without giving them the user instructions. Furthermore the research supported the printing detail of the product. It was a check if the several parts fits in the body of the box and if the product was operating.  


Before reaching the final prototype, it preceded 10 other printing prototypes (each with 4 parts). I discovered many different complications. As example, the moving lid was not clothing or the various parts didn’t fit together. By improving every new model the working function was working better and better.