Secret Sand

The Secret Sand, has been designed for the ‘baby boomers’ born after WWll. Studies show the baby boomers enjoy being outside, prefer to do this together and appreciate cosiness, neatness and order. Moreover, they are considerate and want to share time with their grandkids. The Secret Sand combines these factors. This lounge furniture, functions in the backyard, offers relaxation and pleasure both for the grandparents and the grandchildren. The furniture consists of a comfortable lounge bed including an adjustable seat back and a table for a drink or diner. When the grandchildren are around, the table top can be folded into a triangular roof revealing a sandpit. While the grandparents are enjoying the sun relaxing on their bed, the kids are creating beautiful sandcastles.


In a team, we incorporated the knowledge gained during the trend analysis in the concept phase. Then we made a selection from three concept directions that resulted into this product. The focus was on collaboration, designing for a specific company and the trend analysis.